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Our 5-bedroom 'magical' Fairy home welcomes you.

Occitania is perched on a cliff side overlooking the medieval Troubadour Chateau of Puivert, in the “Occitan” region of Southern France. Puivert is famed for its Troubadour's, Romance, Grail stories and Cathar alliances. Nestled in-between Montsegur and Rennes les Chateau, the valley of Puivert is fondly known as 'the Shire' from Lord of the Rings. Its gentle, peaceful beauty touches everyone who visits.  

Occitania is where we live and where we love! Our “magical” home is often described as 'healing, beautiful and enchanting!   We double up as a Bed and Breakfast, Tour Guides and Story-tellers who provide a restful sanctuary for those ‘on the path’.

Many people believe that this land holds secrets and treasure. It is said that Mary Magdalene (and Jesus) travelled from Jerusalem to France in a small boat to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mers soon after the crucifixion.

Once in Gaul, they travelled by foot to the more secluded and mountainous Occitan region, to safely leave behind a 'mystery' that still to this day, thrives and draws people to this area.

Puivert from the air

Above: the town of Puivert, where Occitania is located.

Whether you chose to explore the more historical aspects of this land, or require a stopping off point along the Camino de Santiago, or maybe just a quiet place that is needed to rest, relax and recuperate then perhaps you may consider staying with us.

Occitania is a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free home, with an emphasis on fresh, life-affirming foods. Every morning Anaiya does yoga before breakfast and warmly invites you to join her, or not.  Our home also has a sauna, a library of fascinating books, a group space, as well as a massage table with an infra-red Amethyst Bio Mattress.

We also have two dogs, Tillie and Jesse James, and one cat, a rather large Pixie Bob, called Kitty. 

Anaiya & Pete
Jessie James

Stay with us!

You can explore this sacred and amazing region of France on your own, or we can be your guide for the day, taking you to some of the sacred sites in our 7-seater VW, or perhaps walk with you through the ancient network of pilgrim routes and Cathar pathways. Maybe an overnight stay in a cave is more of your calling? We can offer you this, and much more, from the comfort of our B&B.

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